Getting Started

What is nowlive™?

The nowlive™ video platform is a multi-featured video player, specifically developed for watching live events. We created a player that allows you to control your viewing experience, watch multiple high-definition camera feeds, switch between them instantaneously, and have access to social media – all within a single viewing experience. And we want you to have the same experience regardless of your device, whether it is laptop/desktop, tablet, or mobile. No other player can do what the nowlive™ player can do.

What is Virtual Wristband™?

Virtual Wristband™ makes it easy for you to watch exclusive, pay-per-view events. It is not a subscription service. You only pay for what you want to watch. Once you sign up, your Virtual Wristband™ works across all events that are pay-per-view. There's no cost to sign up, so get yours today!

How do I get a Virtual Wristband™?

It's simple and free to sign up. Get started here.

On what devices can I watch an event?

The nowlive™ video platform works on almost any device that's connected to the Internet. This includes desktop computers, laptops, and most iOS and Android devices. For iOS and Android devices, we recommend downloading the App to have the full experience. Of course, performance will be impacted by your connection speed and the quality of your device.

Can I watch a Virtual Wristband™ event on more than one device?

Once you pay for a Virtual Wristband™ event, you can watch on any device as long as you're logged in on that device.

Manage My Account

Where do I find events I purchased?

Once you have created a Virtual Wristband™ account, you can find events you've purchased on the My Events page.

How do I edit my account information?

Once you have created a Virtual Wristband™ account and are logged-in to your account, you can edit your account information by clicking into your Account page and selecting Edit.

I paid for an event, but it's not showing up on my Events page. What do I do?

First, try refreshing your browser and see if the Event appears. If you're using your nowlive app, try reloading the app.

Second, it's possible the transaction did not process. Check to make sure your credit card information is accurate and your card is valid. Second, check to see if a transaction occurred on the credit card attached to your account. If the transaction has occurred and you still do not see the Event you paid for, please contact us at

If the transaction has not appeared on your credit card, try purchasing the event again.

How do I find an event I paid for?

Login to your Virtual Wristband™ account and the event should appear under the My Events page.


My video won't play.

My sound isn't working.

If you have video and no sound, the problem is likely with the settings on your device. Check to make sure you're not on “mute” and that your sound is turned up.

The event is playing, but the quality is poor.

Our system automatically detects your connection speed and delivers you the highest quality stream your device can handle at the moment. If you get a better signal, we'll deliver a higher quality feed. If the quality of the video stream is poor, it's more than likely your Internet connection.

What is the minimum bandwidth required to watch an event?

The following bandwidth requirements are what we recommend:

Most events will play at 720p or better with a fast enough internet connection.

How do I use all the features of the nowlive™ platform?

First, keep in mind that not every event will have all the features of the nowlive™ platform available. Sometimes an event will not have multiple camera feeds for a Grid View™ or Picture-in-Picture. And some events will not have the social stream.

Try accessing various features from the menu tray and icons on the side of the video player window. If features are available, they will be functioning, provided you already have video and audio streaming properly.